Ricoh acquires Rechenzentrum Schulte GmbH

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Ricoh acquires Rechenzentrum Schulte GmbH

Acquisition helps to further consolidate and expand Business Process Services operations and add new customer value

Ricoh, Hanover, 24 October 2018 – Ricoh Germany (Ricoh) has taken over business operations of Rechenzentrum Schulte GmbH (RZS) headquartered in Asslar. On 11 October 2018, Ricoh and insolvency manager Bernd Ache jointly signed an agreement for the acquisition of the operational assets of RZS being under insolvency proceedings since 1 June 2018.

Founded 1971 in Asslar, Rechenzentrum Schulte is a well-established commercial print services provider specialising in the production and processing of transactional documents. The service range includes the entire workflow from data preparation and processing through to production and document distribution.

Yoshihiko (Yoshi) Sasaki, Director Corporate Strategy Planning, Ricoh Germany, says: “We are very happy about this acquisition and we are very keen to continue business operations of Rechenzentrum Schulte. Customer demands in terms of reliability, high availability and data security are already very high in the transactional printing market and they are still growing, especially when it comes to customers from banking, insurance, health insurance or telecom industries. With this acquisition we invest in an additional production printing capability which complements the acquisition of Georg Kohl in 2010. This means that Ricoh continues to invest in production to have backup capacities and resources which will help us to meet these growing demands and add new value to our customers. This acquisition reflects another significant step for Ricoh to further consolidate and leverage its business growth with Business Process Services.”

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